Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers

Image Description:
Color single panel cartoon by A map of the world. Continents are white with black borders, with the exception of Africa, which appears to be a pit that has been dug out in the shape of the continent. There are piles of gold over the Europe, and the US and Canada.


Coming Eventually.

Coming Eventually.

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Previously Colonized Countries

Text reads: Let’s start calling “third world” and “developing countries” Previously Colonized Countries, because this way, we’re not ignoring the fact that these countries aren’t just slow in their development, or just happen to be poor, or low on resources. Let’s acknowledge the fact that white Europeans and Americans are the reason our nations are decades behind them. Because for every decade they are ahead of us, there was a decade where our labor power, our resources, our land, contributed to THEIR development. (Source

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